My name is Scott McDonough.I have been an internet marketer for three years now with no sign of letting up.When I started online I thought it would be a fast track to success and wealth,but then I found that I didn’t possess the technical skills to set up a website.

So I hired a local tech guy to do it for me without much success other than my site was live and had some content to read.But I moved on to learning WordPress from YouTube videos and tutorials online.

This helped me understand the process and now I can set up a site in an hour or two,but it didn’t teach me marketing skills or content creation.I still needed to learn SEO, email marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, online advertising and product creation to name a few.

There are plenty of Gurus willing to teach you these major components,but nobody teaches the nuts and bolts.It’s easy to say “create a sales page and send traffic to it”, but how do I build a sales page and what should ┬áit say exactly?

When you need help with the little things no one is there to show you which key to punch on your computer.So I created this site to show beginners step by step how they can overcome lack of computer skills and online marketing knowledge to have a website of their own.

Most of the learning can be done for free thanks to all those dedicated site owners on the internet.Together we’ll track down the best resources online and build your new site and business.