Creating Content For Your Business

Creating Content

The biggest hurdle by far for beginner marketers is creating content that is helpful to their audience.The best strategy involves the following….

Make it relevant

Write content your audience wants to read.

Is it helpful?

Good content solves a problem.

Keep it organized

Make content easy to read.

Make it personal

Show who you are.

Be engaging

Write like you are having a conversation

Give lots of detail

Give the reader everything they need.

Be unique

Try a new spin on an old idea.

Write about what you know

You don’t have to be an expert in the subject of your blog,just know more than a lot of other people.It should be something you enjoy writing about because you will be doing a lot of it.

Research before you write

Once you have a topic to write about the next step is research.You want to be able to quote your research sources,so make sure they are sound articles from well known sites.

Every time you read something good online bookmark it for future reference.Tag it carefully so it can be found easily.These can be both topic ideas and information sources.

Try Googling you topic keywords to see the top ranking articles.Then read the first four or five to get more ideas.The information here is gold for learning what top bloggers do to get into the top search pages.

Then check out the comments section to get ideas from the responses.What did they like or dislike about the post.Did they ask questions and get a reply?

Compile a list of resources

A list of resources should include links to research you want to quote, and web pages you have used for inspiration or validation of your post.

Do an outline first

You need an outline for creating content to get your ideas out of your head and see how much sense it all makes.The order can be changed to make it flow better.Once this is done just fill in the blanks.It’s always easier to write when there are words on the screen.Like this one I use.

My subject

Not the name of the post but the different angles I can come from.A hook if you like.


The questions I will answer to help my readers.
Some tactics to use.
Give examples to help them understand better.

A call to action

Tell the reader what you want them to do next.Comment below, like us on Facebook or checkout our latest product.

You can make this more detailed if you like by adding sub headlines in the body to identify different points you plan to make.

Expand your outline

So you have done your research, compiled a list of resources, laid out a simple outline and know what you are going to write about.So start writing.

Don’t try to be perfect with your first post.Make sure you put plenty of helpful,detailed information in each section.Of course it has to be relevant to the topic.Don’t stray far from the main point.Then you just need to make it as personal as possible while engaging the reader.

Try to sound like a friend having a conversation at the pub.Do some complaining about  feeling stupid when you “stuff something up”at work,just like any friend would.If it sounds like you want to sell them stuff right from the start they might get spooked and leave the page.

There is plenty of time to knock the rough edges off your post later.For now get as much as you can packed in to your post and let the editing take care or the rest.

Polishing your post

When you write something easy to read people will remember it for longer.And then tell others about it which could inspire them to buy off you when they read it.Stuff with big, hard to spell words wont cut it.Keep it simple so it can be remembered.

Your reader wants only wants what’s relevant to him, so write like you are talking to just him.
Give him all the attention and focus he really wants, and he will feel special because of it.

Leave lots of white space

Nobody wants to read huge blocks of text, or small ones for that matter.Each paragraph should have just three sentences over three lines.This will make the paragraph easy to read and digest before reading the next.

This means making each sentence just the right length so it fits in about one line.If you go on and on using comma’s to break it up you risk making it harder to understand for the reader.Keep them short and to the point.

Now is the time to get rid of any fluff from your first draft that obviously isn’t needed.
Try reading a few paragraphs out loud,if something sounds off it should be cut.Ask yourself “is this what I’m really trying to say to my readers”,if not,toss it out.

Go through the whole post organizing each sentence and paragraph to look great.Cut what doesn’t resonate with you, reading aloud the whole time.Remember to stick with the subheading topic for each section when you are creating content to make it flow.

Alternatives for creating content 

There are other useful ways of creating content if you need it fast or to bulk up your overall site with articles.If you have an Amazon site this is how to thicken your content.

PLR for creating content in bulk

PLR or Public Label Rights content is a form of generic articles that are created around a subject to give users a starting platform for creating content faster.We all know creating content is much easier when the page already has 500 words on it.

With PLR articles you have a head start to help move forward.Simply paste the article into your site editor with your research, resources and outline in mind. Write a new compelling headline for the story using your keywords to guide you.

Next, go through each line of text to see if it fits with your plan.Here you can omit complete lines or just some words to make it work.It’s a good idea to add lines to show your personality in the article,to make it your own and add color.

As I said, this is generic content which will need beefing up with facts and support to give an overall feeling of authority and originality.Add links to sources and images as usual and you will have some very useful articles.This wont be your master content,but good filler.

PLR is notoriously variable in quality but is so cheap it is still very popular.Search online to learn more from the producers of PLR.

The following is an excerpt from a PLR article that I own.As you can see it is a bit plain but with some potential.

Valuable Affiliate Marketing Techniques Exposed

Starting a business in order to generate additional income for you and your family is something that might not be very easy to do. Many people have dreams of creating their own business, and this is usually focused upon a brick and mortar store perhaps down the street or at the local shopping mall.  

The difficulty with running and maintaining these types of businesses is the overhead that is involved. You will have to pay rent on the building or office that you are renting. You will have to pay employees depending upon the size of the business that you want to operate.

The utility bills, insurance, and all of the other costs involved could add up to thousands of dollars, even before you make a single sale with your business. That is why affiliate marketing has become so popular.

It is easy to set up, and if you know what you are doing, you can begin to make a profit very quickly, without all of the overhead of a traditional business. Here are a few tips you can use if you want to try affiliate marketing as a way to increase the income that you earn each and every month.
Most people understand that affiliate marketing has to do with selling other people’s products and services. One of the main reasons that it is popular is because it usually involves providing a link that people click through to get to the main product.

Once the person has been sold on the sales page, they make the purchase, and you make a commission.Could you turn this into a great article.

Creating content by outsourcing

Outsourcing has become the buzzword of online marketing in recent years mostly because the companies have gotten really good at it.Content is produced in different grades depending on the customers needs and depth of pockets.

Basic writing or re-writing is a few dollars for 700 words,but when you ask for top quality, original 2000 word posts it could cost 25 dollars.These are feature posts for your blog that you plan to promote heavily.

But what if you have an article that you wrote or acquired from some source and you want it to be better than the original with your spin on it.If you send the text to with instructions and keywords to use they will send back a new article needing only links and images to be added.

Click on the banner to get a rundown of their service.

 Creating Content

Adding your resources links

You will have specific places you want to put links in the text of your post, so go ahead and do it now.Linking to your own content is a good way to keep readers on your site, while linking to other sites shows you have done some research.

Always make your link open in another tab.This will keep your first page open while they look at others.This shows Google that people are staying on your page longer,which must mean it’s great content they are reading.


The importance of images in your post can’t be underestimated, people love them and will share them.You can find lots of Free Images at and to give your post a great look.
Use the images as links as well so the reader can’t get lost.Images should always be used when creating content for your site.


You can’t go past a good video for engaging readers on your post.Find a YouTube video that is generally about your topic without a lot of marketing in the content.You don’t want the other guy trying to sell stuff to your people.

On the other hand you might be good at making your own videos.If this is true get to work honing your on camera skills and script writing to make a series to put in your future posts.It’s generally better to use videos that you created to win an audience over.


Creating content for your business can be time consuming,but rewarding work.If you are passionate about your writing there are tons of resources to help you do your very best.       Surf the web to find the best for you and you can become very successful at it.

Good luck with your endeavors online and please like and share this post.

Thank you for your support, Scott McDonough


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