Online Marketing

Online marketing has exploded way beyond what any of the experts predicted in the late eighties.

To the point where finding out about anything or anyone means we “Google it”. All the answers  we could possibly want are there.Online marketing gives us this power.

So how do we take advantage of this phenomenon? We build an online marketing business of our own.A website is all you need to get started.

I will  show you how to find the resources you will need to run your online marketing business for FREE, and there are lots of them, so let’s get started.

You need to have decided on a niche that you feel great about.
A domain name for that niche.
Then you want a hosting account.
Connect everything to for a great site and you are ready.


online marketing

If you haven’t done this yet go to Build a website to learn all about it.

What you need to start your business

There are  three basic ingredients you will need to start your online marketing  business:
A product to sell.
An audience to sell it to.
Marketing systems to show the product to the audience.

There are so many models out there it’s hard to say which is best for your online marketing business.
But there are a couple that stand out and may be used as examples.

McDonalds is my favorite.

Product: Low grade fast food with little nutritional value containing lots of salt,sugar   and fat.

Audience: Low socio-economic groups.Young people who are never home to cook for themselves. Busy families needing a break or treating the kids.Just about anybody on a few occasions a year. You get the picture.

Marketing: Maintaining their brand.TV,radio,print and online advertising. Sponsorship of big sports events,charities and special events.Merchandising agreements with movie production houses.Give away’s with purchases and discount combo packs.

McDonalds is of course  a brick and mortar type business but they use systems that can be applied to online marketing.

The company got it’s start in the middle of last century with a model that attracted a big audience almost immediately.And their food was pretty good back then, and affordable to the masses.Most importantly nobody thought that their food was unhealthy.

Fast forward to 2015 and McDonalds are still making billions of dollars,but selling the worst type of food possible.Because they know what works and are willing to invest millions of dollars implementing their marketing strategies.

They know their audience.
They have the products.
Then they use great marketing.

So how does this knowledge help our online marketing business.

We can of course use most of these tactics in our business.If McDonalds can sell food to millions that my dog wont eat, then surely we can sell good products to a few thousand.

Define you audience.

What age group are they. Sex if important. Interests they pursue. Job type, professionals,laborers,caterers etc.
When you have as much information as possible you want to find where they like to hang out online.Are they on Twitter,Instagram,Facebook or Pinterest?

Does your audience like online forums and other discussion platforms.People love to talk about their interests or problems with other kindred spirits.
Weight loss,fitness,sports lovers,marketers and the like all talk somewhere and you should be there to discover what you can help them with.

Make up a perfect customer avatar for your niche.

Find a product.

As beginner marketers there are some easy ways to find products to sell.
Affiliate marketing lets you market other peoples products in return for a commission.

There are many platforms for doing this such as Clickbank,JVZoo,Peerfly,Commission Junction,MaxBounty and Neverblue to name a few.We’ll take a closer look at some of this group later.
Online marketing

Your own product that you create and sell through your site or the platforms listed above which means you would pay other marketers a commission.

Marketing the product to your audience.

Like McDonalds, you can advertise your presence online through many avenues.
Social media has become a huge part of marketing that should not be ignored.

If you are already active on Facebook you just need to start a fan page about your new business.Start by telling your friends about your page so they can start adding likes to it.

Show people what you can do to help them with a problem they have.

You can run a competition on Facebook to get people interested  in what you do.
Later on you can run some Facebook Ads to get more likes or to send people to your site.

If your site is a blog.

You are going to be creating a lot of content for your new blog so you need to understand what content marketing is all about.Click this link to a  series of articles that will really help.A blog with little content wont attract much attention so start with some short generic posts on your subject matter to fill out your site.This is good training for the more serious and longer content to come.

If you site is a store.

You will either be selling Amazon or a similar companies products as an affiliate or products from your own store.Because you will have lots of pictures of your items for sale then a Pinterest board is a good start for your online marketing campaign.

Look for similar boards to add to your favorites and pin their pictures everywhere.Start conversations with others and join groups.

If your site is for a local business

You want to show your product or service to people in your area then focus all your efforts on reaching just those people.Facebook will let you target them perfectly.Find your customers by selecting the place they live, their age, their interests, marital status, if they have kids, the FB pages they like and even magazines they read.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way for new sites to get found right from the start.When you submit your site it is categorized by tags that you assign to it.Users of these bookmarking sites can then see your work according to those tags and bookmark it for future reference.

Social bookmarking sites deliver both traffic and back links which help to rank your site in Google search.But there are hundreds of bookmarking sites online so it’s impossible to use each one individually, so automated submission services were created to do the hard work for you.

OnlyWire, SocialAdr, Fast Directory Submitter and Social Marker are all worth a look to get your site known.Most importantly though,only use one of these services at a time.

Blog Commenting

For online marketing purposes blog commenting is very useful for exposure and backlinks. Each time you go to a site in your niche look in the comments area to see if you can include your site name in your comment.

If the owner allows this give a nice long helpful comment or ask a question that others may have too.This will engage the writer of the post and show other readers that you are thinking like them, and prompt them to look at you site.

The site owner will then give you a backlink and you should reciprocate by linking to his site in a post.

Facebook Page

The most important marketing strategy for start ups is to create a Facebook Page for your business.You can’t use your personal page for this type of marketing under Facebook’s terms of use policy.

I will dedicate a future post to setting up a well optimized and good looking Facebook Page that you can run with a minimum of work, and even automate a little.

That’s in my next post. Until then feel free to comment and share,thank you Scott.


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