Your Website|Final Set Up

Your website

Okay, so you should have your website basically up and live online.If you watched all the set up videos with Dave then you have a pretty good knowledge of the WordPress dashboard, pages, posts, permalinks and users.

If you haven’t read the Build a Website article go here to catch up.


your website

Complete static pages

The About page was the first static page you built, next we need to create a Privacy page and a Contact page for your website.Search engines and your readers expect to find these pages to be reassured that a real person is running your site.

Privacy Page

This simply requires a generic page with your URL in the appropriate spaces to assure your readers that their privacy will be protected.Here is a download of just such a document.Privacy Policy

All you need to do is change the “your domain name”section to the domain name of your site eg, When you have done this simply copy and paste into a page on your site called Privacy Policy.If it looks good publish it.

Contact Page

This page needs a simple message telling people that it’s okay to contact you for any reason.It could be a question about content on your website or to personally compliment you on your work.This is simple if you have installed the Jetpack plugin that comes with all WordPress installs.

An Add Contact Form button appears at the top of the post editor, click this and the form will be displayed.Scroll to the bottom of the form and click the blue button, your form will be at the bottom of the page when you publish.

Your website design

The look of your website is controlled by the theme you are using and the settings in the Customize Tab.Just go to Appearance in your dashboard, then Customize to open the editor.

You website

The editor shows a menu on the left side and a preview of your settings on the right.If you select Header you will see the size in pixels that your theme allows for the header.You must use this to make a custom header for you website.

Your website

If your chosen theme has options for different basic header images these can look alright,but many of the other sites using the theme will look just like yours.

A great place to build a custom header for your website is is a Free tool that lets you build a picture by adding layers to a basic image.

The header of scottsmarketing uses a theme pic as the background,then I found Free images from and and put these over the background.These can be cropped to only use the parts of the image you want,and re-sized to fit the design you have in mind.

Canva has heaps of templates to use and text options galore. You can use these Free pics and text as often as you like,but if you find one on the paid list it will cost you only $1.00 to use. Can’t beat that!

Watch this video to see how easy Canva is, then sign up for Free and watch their tutorials. Once you have created you header download it to you hard drive, then upload it to the media library on your site.

Now from the Customize menu select Header image,then click the Add new image tab.
Select the image you uploaded and Insert image.Your new image should be live.

One important note about images you produce.Sometime they are not perfect in every way, so always keep the Canva window open to make adjustments to your image.If you move away from it you have frozen the image as it is, and any changes you want to make can only be done by adding more layers.

If you have alignment problems or color clashes you will have to start again.
So keep the window open until your design is perfect.

Background Image

If your website theme allows a background image it can be inserted in the same way as your header.When you find an image that you want to use download it to your hard drive as a jpeg or png file,then upload it to your media library and insert the same as your header.

Other Options

The customizer also allows you to change the colors of the background, page and text depending on the theme you use.Have a good look around the customizer and try some of the options to see what happens.We’ll cover other design features in later posts.

Content Creation

Now that you have the design of your site looking pretty good you need to think about content creation.If you are blogging about your area of expertise you should have plenty of content in your head ready to go.

But if content is something that you know you will struggle with then you will need some help.The best place to see good content is on the sites of your new competitors, so Google them with the keywords you are targeting.

The first page shows the Top ten results of the millions of pages online.These are your top competitors for that keyword, the rest don’t matter.Who looks past page one anyway?
In my next post I will show you ways of creating content to get you started.


Hopefully you are still keen to throw yourself into the work ahead and build a great business from scratch.Keep up the good work and I’ll see you in my next post.

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